Favorite Teacher Feedback

Soon after the “My Favorite Teacher” Project’s conception, our team began to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on the appreciation letters we sent them. Here, you can read all the wonderful things teachers have to say about our project and our small gesture of gratitude.

“It is a pleasure to know that we make the difference everyday in some of our students.
I hope I can continue impacting students.” – An elementary school teacher, Miami, FL

“Oh! This just made my day!!! Tears of joy!” – A high school teacher, San Juan, PR

“I was extremely honored to read your letter and previous email.  I want to say thank you to all of you doing this project and to my student for his kind words.” – A middle school teacher, Cooper City, FL

“Thank you so much! I am absolutely honored.” – A high school teacher, Manchester, CT
“Oh that’s really cool!  She was one of my students in my early days of teaching over 10 years ago and since then I’ve also had all of her siblings. What a great girl! Thanks for your thoughtful idea and good luck in your future educator job!” – A high school teacher, Coral Springs, FL
“Thanks for this uplifting news! She was indeed one of my star students while I was at NSU. Students like her made teaching criminal justice a fun and rewarding journey each day!” – An undergraduate professor, Miami Gardens, FL
“Thanks so much for your email! Your message made my day!” – A high school teacher, Lithia, FL
“I remember her well….I’m honored to be mentioned. I promise you she was a much better student than I am as a professor.

I’ll tell you a story from many years ago…I’m reading student evaluations, which in my opinion is more important than supervisor evaluations, and a student said, one particular day I was about to give up, professor Drier came up, put his hand on my shoulder, and said ‘I know you can do this…’ Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”  I tried for weeks to remember who that might have been. I never found out…but I try to make a point to make each person I come in contact with feel important. I tell all students that I love them at the end of class. You never know who needs to hear it or how it will impact them.

If for one person I have made a difference, then my career choice is validated. I look forward to reading whatever she said. Thank you for reaching out.” – A high school math teacher, Winter Haven, FL