Portrait of a Favorite Teacher

If we could paint a “favorite teacher’s” portrait, what would it look like?

Our team of aspiring teachers wanted to find the answers, so we decided to set a goal of interviewing 5,000 people from around the world about their favorite teacher. We met with and interviewed people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life about their “favorite teacher.” As we sat with each interviewee and listened to their story, we began to identify some common characteristics among these teachers. From the 136 interviews we have completed since October 2017, we created the graph above, what we like to call the “portrait of a favorite teacher,” according to students.



But we didn’t just track the qualities that make an exceptional teacher. We also decided that, due to the lasting impact they left on their students, these teachers deserved to be appreciated. With the interviewee’s consent, we reached out to these favorite teachers and sent them a letter letting them know they made a difference in someone’s life!

So our team will continue to conduct interviews, explore this question, and show appreciation to the wonderful, “favorite teachers” we have the privilege of hearing about!

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